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When you are going through a family law matter, you must have knowledge of the different legal processes and the law. You also must have confidence in your attorney and have a positive working relationship with your attorney. We believe that a strong foundation for successfully going through a family law proceeding is started with a personal meeting between you and one of our attorneys before we begin representing you. Burbach & Stansbury S.C. will not begin representing you without an initial consultation.

At an initial consultation, we learn about you, your family, and the issues involved. We explain the various processes to resolve the issues. To learn about the various processes, click here. We also give you a summary of the law related to the legal issue you have. As a result, you will leave the consultation with additional knowledge and a better understanding of what to expect from the process you choose. At the consultation, we answer your questions and give you information on what to do and what not to do. Because we spend quality time with you addressing your individual issues, and because we provide valuable legal advice to you, each attorney charges an initial consultation fee. The amount of the initial consultation fee varies between the attorneys.

In order to schedule an initial consultation, please call the office and request to talk to the attorney of your choice. The attorney will talk to you briefly to identify whether a member of the firm can help you with your situation. If so, then the attorney will schedule a time for the initial consultation and provide to you a list of documents you should bring to the meeting. It would be helpful to review the options of going through a family law matter before you call. You can learn about the options by clicking here.

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